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Justice League

Story Line
Thousands of years ago, Steppenwolf and his legions of Parademons attempt to take over Earth with the combined energies of three Mother Boxes. They are foiled by a unified army that includes the Olympian Gods, Amazons, Atlanteans, mankind, and the Green Lantern Corps. After repelling Steppenwolf’s army, the Mother Boxes are separated and hidden in locations on the planet. In the present, the world is in mourning over the death of Superman,[N 2] whose death triggers the Mother Boxes to reactivate and Steppenwolf’s return to Earth in an effort to regain favor with his master, Darkseid. Steppenwolf aims to gather the artifacts to form “The Unity”, which will destroy Earth’s ecology and terraform it in the image of Steppenwolf’s homeworld.


Movie Information
Movie Name Justice League
File Size 500 MB
Language Hindi + English
Release Date: October 26, 2017






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